GatsbyJS website improvement and optimization

Static HTML website should be an easy thing? But the path you have to go to make it simple sometimes is challenging

Gatsby JS is an awesome framework choice for a magazine website. But it needs a backend system to manage your content, and WordPress is a known best solution for that. Combining those two should be an easy task, because great solutions as GraphQL exist. Did we solve the puzzle then?

Nah, let’s add some complexity. Let’s have one WP server as a source for both production and staging instances. And let’s use AWS, serve images from CDN… We’ll need offload attachments to S3, then serve it via CloudFront. Ok, that’s done

Now it’s time to host… AWS Amplify should do the trick… and we can build our app with BitBucket pipelines

Now let’s move to the front and figure out how to speed up things even more: lazy loading, delayed content. Now spice it up with some SEO magic

…And prepare for upcoming Gatsby JS version upgrade…


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