VPS Server migration and Websites Overhaul

In a recent project, I spearheaded a comprehensive migration endeavor, transferring 13 websites from an outdated VPS server to a new, optimized environment. The overarching goal was to modernize and enhance the performance, security, and functionality of the websites while ensuring seamless continuity of services.

Key tasks and achievements within this project include:

  1. VPS Server Migration: The migration process involved meticulous planning and execution to seamlessly transition the websites from the old server to the new infrastructure. This encompassed transferring files, databases, configurations, and ensuring minimal downtime throughout the migration phase.
  2. PHP Version Upgrade: The PHP environment was upgraded from version 5.6 to the latest stable release, version 8.2. This necessitated a thorough review and adjustment of the website’s codebase to ensure compatibility and leverage the latest features and optimizations offered by PHP 8.2.
  3. MySQL Server Upgrade: The MySQL server, a critical component of the web infrastructure, underwent a version upgrade from 5.6 to version 8. This upgrade not only provided performance enhancements but also introduced new security features and improved data management capabilities.
  4. WordPress Updates: For WordPress websites within the migration scope, efforts were made to bring them up to date with the latest software versions. This involved updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins from legacy versions, such as 4.9, to the latest available stable release at the time of the project, version 6.4.3. Rigorous testing was conducted post-update to ensure compatibility and functionality.
  5. DNS Records Management: All DNS records associated with the websites were meticulously transferred and validated to ensure uninterrupted access post-migration. This included verifying MX records, A records, CNAME records, and other pertinent DNS configurations.

Through meticulous planning, diligent execution, and rigorous testing, the migration project culminated in a successful transition to a modernized infrastructure. The websites now operate on an updated stack, leveraging the latest technologies and security enhancements while maintaining optimal performance and reliability. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering robust, future-proof solutions tailored to meet our clients’ evolving needs.